domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2009

My boyfriend's girlfriend isn't me

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Não há muitas músicas em que o tema seja explícita ou implicitamente o poliamor. Uma das mais claramente poliamorosas é de uma banda canadiana de rock a atirar para a comédia. A banda é pouco conhecida e chama-se Must Be Tuesday. A canção chama-se My Boyfrend's Girlfriend (Isn't Me)", ou simplesmente Boyfriend's Girlfriend e é possivelmente o maior sucesso deles.

There's lots of kinds of people in this world | and I'm, well, I'm not like other girls | How do I explain this properly? | My boyfriend's girlfriend isn't me

Well obviously one of them is | But there's another girl of his | And I know her and she knows me | and that would be great if it was just us three

But she has a guy who's even more pretty | and a long-distance thing in another city | He and his wife come by when they can | and they have a kid who calls me his aunt

Just when I thought it was all too crazy | I tried to draw our family tree | There's nothing wrong with extra love | But the paper wasn't big enough

Of all the ways I've ever dated | it's never been so complicated | The chain can extend to eternity | 'cause my boyfriend's girlfriend isn't me

We spent Christmas eve with my boyfriend's dad | Christmas day with my folks and the feast they had | New Years, he went to his girlfriend's city | I mean the one who isn't me

She brought him and her other guy | to her company picnic and I won't lie | I wasn't used to being alone | so I want someone new of my own

It isn't easy to find a fling | 'Cause when you hit on some tasty thing | They say "Aren't you with that guy?" | You say "Oh he doesn't mind.

Have you ever seen 'Big Love'? | Know what I mean, wink, wink, nudge, nudge…" | And they say "Oh, so you're a Mormon?" | "No! …I'll explain from the beginning…"


When the partners get together, | the primaries and all the others, | we give the newbies a little primer | and we all get out our day timers

Calendars as far as the eye can see. | "When can I see you?" "When are you free?" | "Who gets me on my birthday?" and then | "Does anyone have an extra pen?"

The kids have the best celebration. | Gifts from three dozen odd relations. | There's Uncle Jackie's girlfriend, Mary, | Ed who is her secondary…

Ed's new boyfriend brought along | his ex, whose fling is going strong | with someone that I used to know | and just became my boyfriend's beau…


A couch where four can snuggle up | Suddenly isn't big enough | And even so we don't give up. | There's no such thing as too much love.

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alistair disse...

isto é muito bom e retrata bem, para mim, claro, alguns dos problemas, mas acima de tudo os benefícios!!! e aborda a questão da parentalidade que é um assunto que espero tratar em 2010!

Anónimo disse...

Well, that's a nice song.

And best wishes from Poland :)

Luís Miguel Viterbo disse...

How nice, thanks! So we've got some reader from Poland! I wonder how you got here.
I will delve a little deeper but I'm glad to have found out that you're very active in Poland — at least running and
Great, best wishes from Portugal!

Anónimo disse...

Reader would be saying too much, as i don't know Portuguese, but its always nice to realize there's something poly going on in Europe, too :) (well, as i only speak English - besides Polish obviously - i'm practically restricted to anglosaxon websites)

I think i got here by polyinthemedia site, which you probably know too (and if not, you certainly should!)

And yes, poly seem to be gaining a little bit of momentum here, too. Partly as more people discover the concept, and partly in the form of media coverage of western mass-media.

But still, it's really in - early - embryonic stage... how's the situation in Portugal (and elsewhere in Europe, if you know)?

Luís Miguel Viterbo disse...

Yeah, polyinthemedia is amazing, we've known it for quite a while.
In Portugal we're gaining momentum too but sloooowly. Media coverage is of uttermost importance, especially since we're still in phase one of poly «marketing»: getting people to know the «product». Due to the latest news article, a lot of folks reached us, but I figure that less than a handful will really join us and add something to the community.
All the best to Poland and to you, Tomek!

Anónimo disse...


Drop me a note if you'll ever be in Warsaw, so we could have a little chat about polyactivism experiences ;)

antidote disse...

Gladly Tomek, I leave in Berlin and I am planning an excursion for the unlikely time when all this snow melts!!!!

Nanda disse...

Gostei muito da música... Fez-me lembrar de um casal que namorei, que também têm uma filha, que me chama de tia... (risos)